Basic Science

Computational Genomics

The department consists of leading researchers that have made influential contributions to the field of genomics through the development and application of novel computational methods. The department and its faculty have had a major role in educational activities related to genomics.

Medical Imaging

Computational techniques in medical imaging have the potential to lead to improved diagnostic accuracy and medical decision making, and a better understanding of both disease and normal biology.  The Department of Computational Medicine is partnering with clinical and research departments throughout UCLA, designing algorithms and workflows to capitalize on a wealth of data and expertise.

Machine Learning on Health Data

Health systems routinely capture vast amounts of data of many different modalities. Advances in machine learning have opened up new applications leveraging an increasing number of data types. Examples of machine learning on health data projects in the department include predicting retina-related functions from eye images, predicting post-surgery mortality from health records, and predicting depression from sensor data. The department’s projects are in close collaboration with clinicians, with the goal of directly improving health care.

Mathematical Modeling

Over many decades, the department has made important contributions in the area of Mathematical Modeling and sponsors the Biomathematics Ph.D. program, which has a rich history and many successful and influential alumni.