Bioinformatics Minor

The Department of Computational Medicine is heavily involved in undergraduate education in Bioinformatics. These efforts include offering a complement of courses in Bioinformatics to undergraduate students, as well as research opportunities in faculty labs.   In addition, the department helps administer the Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minor.  

The minor in Bioinformatics allows students to develop an integrated understanding of contemporary genomic-scale research. Through a comprehensive inventory of courses, the minor in Bioinformatics provides a solid foundation in, and familiarity with, active research problems at the interface of computer science, biology, and mathematics.  Students undertaking the Bioinformatics Minor explore the genetic determinants of complex human disease, including psychiatric diseases and cancer, the development of computational methods for the analysis of expression data and the epigenome, and the study of population genetics and evolution.

The department holds quarterly information sessions for undergraduate students interested in the bioinfomatics minor.  To request an invitation, please contact Samantha Andrews.

More information about undergraduate bioinformatics is available here. The website includes a list of research opportunities for bachelor's and master's degree students with UCLA professors, updating regularly.