Bruins-In-Genomics | B.I.G. Summer

The biological, biomedical and health sciences are undergoing a fundamental transformation catalyzed by a dramatic increase in diverse and quantitative data (e.g. molecular, cellular, organismal, ecological, behavioral, clinical). The availability of both awesome measurement capabilities and electronic databases are transforming the biosciences into an information-intensive science that will accelerate the pace of discovery, the development of theory, and our capabilities for accurate predictions.

Bruins-In-Genomics (B.I.G.) Summer Research Program is an 8-week full-time immersion program for undergraduates interested in learning how to read and analyze genes and genomes. Through this program, students will have the opportunity to experience graduate-level coursework, and learn the latest cutting-edge research, tools, and methods used by leading scientists to solve real-world problems.

Interactive Learning

Workshops introduce students to next-generation sequencing data and statistical analysis methods. Research lunch talks led by workshop instructors explore the in-depth application of skills. Journal clubs led by UCLA faculty mentors show how methods, data, and ideas translate in real-time.

Hands-on Training

Students apply what they’ve learned to an original research project in a laboratory, guided by UCLA faculty mentors. Students learn how to be a scientist in weekly lab meetings. B.I.G. Summer ends with students presenting their findings at a scientific poster session and award ceremony.

Career Building

B.I.G. Summer experiences show students what a science career can look like. UCLA faculty mentors guide students in creating an Individual Development Plan to identify goals. Social activities promote networking with faculty. GRE prep courses help students prepare for grad school applications.


  • Alexander Hoffmann, Director of Institute of Quantitative and Computational Biosciences
  • Eleazar Eskin, Chair of Computational Medicine
  • Hilary Coller, Interim Director of Molecular Biology Institute
  • Jeanette Papp, Director of Genotyping and Sequencing Core
  • Sriram Sankararaman, Director of Bioinformatics Minor
  • Tracy Johnson, Chair of Biomedical Research Minor

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