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The Computational Genomics Summer Institute, or CGSI, is a training program for graduate students and recent PhDs from around the world. Mathematical and computational scientists, sequencing technology developers in industry and academia, and the biologists who use the instruments for particular research applications come to UCLA each summer to participate.

CGSI was founded in 2015, when Eleazar Eskin (UCLA), Eran Halperin (UCLA), John Novembre (The University of Chicago), and Ben Raphael (Princeton University) envisioned an annual methods-oriented program for improving education and enhancing collaboration in genomics and related fields. CGSI has been offered annually since 2016, with funding from NIH Grant GM112625.

CGSI consists of the following parts.

  • Opening retreat in the San Bernardino Mountains
  • First short course: Introduction to Computational Genomics
  • Second short course: Human Disease and Precision Health
  • Affinity groups
  • Social and networking activities
  • Additional lectures and mentoring by CGSI faculty during the second full week for long program participants

The application for the first short course and the long program opens in the fall and remains open until May 1, or until the program is full. Click here for information on upcoming and past CGSIs, including videos of talks, lists of participating faculty, registration fees, and the application form.

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