Medical and Population Genomics seminar series | MPG

Started in 2016, the Medical and Populations Genomics (MPG) seminar series is a weekly internal meeting that brings together the genomics community interested in medical applications. MPG is a venue for the exchange of methodological and application ideas at the intersection of computation, biology and human health for the UCLA community.

The MPG seminar series takes place weekly during the UCLA academic year.  Each session includes a presentation by a member of the group, usually an early-career researcher at UCLA who is mentored by one of the faculty affiliated with one of the genomics groups on campus associated with the Department of Computational Medicine, Human Genetics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and others.  The presenters are selected by the faculty. Questions and feedback to the presenters are encouraged.

MPG seminars are by invitation only. To request an invitation, please ask your PI or advisor to email Bogdan Pasaniuc. Local researchers from institutions other than UCLA and who attended CGSI may request an invitation as well.

MPG Seminar Series takes place every Wednesday from 9:00-10:30 am from October through the end of May, with a few exceptions.