STOPCOVID Initiative


Due to the existing partnership with the UCLA Health System, the Department of Computational Medicine was able to rapidly redeploy its efforts in the fight against COVID-19 and is proud to play a small role in the heroic efforts of UCLA Health against the virus.


An interdisciplinary team at the University of California, Los Angeles, launched STOP COVID-19 TOGETHER (, a web-based app that enlists the public to help the fight against the coronavirus.  Anybody can provide information to the system about their symptoms, exposure, and increased risk for COVID-19. With this data, the system will help UCLA Health find effective ways to reduce the spread and impact of the virus, as well as to protect the health system from being overloaded.  

STOP COVID-19 TOGETHER will build a map of where there are hotspots that pose a higher risk for an accelerated spread of the disease, including public areas that are hubs for infection. The identification of such hotspots is critical in order to balance the caseloads of hospitals, so that one of them is not overwhelmed. The system will also inform the public of the hotspots and use artificial intelligence to predict the spread across time and geography.  This analysis will inform our leaders on how effective various social distancing strategies are in slowing the spread of the virus. 

The project brings together experts from many parts of the UCLA campus, including engineers, data scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, and front-line public health experts. This project originated from a longstanding collaboration between the UCLA Department of Computational Medicine and the UCLA Health Faculty Practice Group, through the AI in Medicine program.

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