Computational Medicine Degree Programs

The Department of Computational Medicine and its faculty are very active in graduate and undergraduate education.  The department administers several degree programs described below.  

The Department administers the Ph.D. and Masters Degree in Biomathematics and the Masters of Science in Clinical Research. Faculty in the department are active in teaching and supervising students in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Genetics and Genomics, Medical Informatics, Computer Science and Statistics graduate programs as well.

In collaboration with the Computer Science Department, the Department supports the administration of the Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minor Program which is officially housed in Computer Science.   Faculty in the department are active in undergraduate teaching in Computational and Systems Biology, Computer Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Statistics.  The department also maintains a listing of undergraduate research opportunities in computational biology.  

Graduate Degree Programs

Ph.D. and Masters Degree in Biomathematics

The graduate degrees in biomathematics are offered by the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  The focus is on theoretical research in mathematical and computational biology vital to the advancement of current biomedical research frontiers, rather than abstract modeling. The doctoral program reflects this in its requirements for advanced training in biology or biomedical research specialty and for the mathematical, statistical and computing skills required to contend realistically with complex phenomena encountered in biology and medicine. The art and practice of biomathematical research is developed individually from the first year on. The master’s program adapts to the various needs of researchers who need supplemental biomathematical training in order to provide methodological support to researchers in biology or medicine, or students pursuing a stepwise approach to graduate training in biomathematics.  

The Department also welcomes undergraduates and graduate students in other majors to its courses in biomedical computing, modeling, and statistics. Premedical majors with mathematical/computer interests can receive early guidance regarding the graduate program in Biomathematics.

Students will study mathematical, theoretical, and computational biology and initiate research in both applied mathematics and their chosen biomedical specialty. The curriculum provides substantial training in applied mathematics, statistics, and computing.

Masters of Science in Clinical Research

Designed for physicians and other healthcare professionals, this program provides rigorous training in the methodology and techniques utilized in patient-oriented research.  The curriculum includes courses in computational and statistical sciences, fundamental methods of clinical trials, biomedical ethics, pharmacology, and a mentored research thesis.  

Undergraduate Degree Program

Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minor

The minor in Bioinformatics allows students to develop an integrated understanding of contemporary genomic-scale research. Through a comprehensive inventory of courses, the minor in Bioinformatics provides a solid foundation in, and familiarity with, active research problems at the interface of computer science, biology, and mathematics.  Students undertaking the Bioinformatics Minor explore the genetic determinants of complex human disease, including psychiatric diseases and cancer, the development of computational methods for the analysis of expression data and the epigenome, and the study of population genetics and evolution.

Related Graduate Degree Programs

Faculty in the department are active in the following graduate programs. Students in the programs are encouraged to consider joining the laboratories of departmental faculty.  Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the programs directly.

Related Undergraduate Degree Programs

Faculty in the department teach in the following undergraduate degree programs.  Undergraduate students who are interested in research with departmental faculty can find information about undergraduate research opportunities here.