Genomics of Dimensional Traits to Advance Neuropsychiatric Research | Invited Speaker: Prof. Bogdan Pasaniuc

by National Institute of Mental Health

This is a two-day workshop. The Day 1 Meeting will be held on April 6th. The Day 2 Meeting will be held on April 15th.

The goal of this workshop is to highlight opportunities and challenges related to integrating genomic information and dimensional phenotypes associated with psychopathology, in alignment with the mission of the RDoC initiative. This meeting will convene experts from psychiatric and statistical genetics, clinical psychology and psychiatry, neuroscience, and stakeholders from NIH programs. The aims of this effort are to discuss the novel scalable opportunities that advances in genomics and dimensional/alternative phenotypes present for extending the RDoC framework and, more generally, for advancing neuropsychiatric disease research beyond the gains that have been made in relation to DSM-based constructs. Specifically, Day 1 of the workshop will review the current state of science of genomics of dimensional traits and overview of RDoC framework through a series of presentations and panel discussions in a total of three sessions. Day 2 of the workshop will consist of two panel sessions that will summarize the main points of the Day 1 workshop and further discuss and highlight the key challenges and opportunities for the near and long-term to advance mental health research.


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