The Department of Computational Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles is committed to becoming an internationally renowned and leading program in data science applied to biomedicine and is committed to transforming patient care in the UCLA Health System by leveraging recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. A unique strength of UCLA is that on a single campus lie a prestigious medical school, a world-class research hospital, and nationally-ranked departments within the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science with significant strength in data sciences. The department provides a hub for collaborations across the UCLA campus to enable scientific discovery in biological data sciences and improve patient care.

The Department of Computational Medicine was previously named the Department of Biomathematics which has a rich and long history in mathematical and computational biology including a graduate program approaching its 40th year.  Professor Eleazar Eskin is the Department Chair.

The Department’s faculty represents UCLA’s expertise in computation and biomedical sciences. The department’s world-class faculty is on the front line of developing computational methods that can be applied to the analysis of genomic data. Expanding upon this foundation, UCLA is strategically recruiting renowned experts in machine learning and computer vision applied to medical data. 

The goals of the UCLA Department of Computational Medicine include:

  • Become the leading program in data science applied to biomedical data

  • Transform patient care by leveraging advances in AI and machine learning

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