ConsHMM Atlas: conservation state annotations for major genomes and human genetic variation | Jason Ernst

Thursday, December 17, 2020
Published in NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics


ConsHMM is a method recently introduced to annotate genomes into conservation states, which are defined based on the combinatorial and spatial patterns of which species align to and match a reference genome in a multi-species DNA sequence alignment. Previously, ConsHMM was only applied to a single genome for one multi-species sequence alignment. Here, we apply ConsHMM to produce 22 additional genome annotations covering human and seven other organisms for a variety of multi-species alignments. Additionally, we extend ConsHMM to generate allele-specific annotations, which we use to produce conservation state annotations for every possible single-nucleotide mutation in the human genome. Finally, we provide a web interface to interactively visualize parameters and annotation enrichments for ConsHMM models. These annotations and visualizations comprise the ConsHMM Atlas, which we expect will be a valuable resource for analyzing a variety of major genomes and genetic variation.