Current Students

Biomathematics Ph.D. Program



Samuel Christensen
Entered program in 2017
I work with Marcus Roper to study small scale fluid flow applied to biological systems. More specifically, I use a combination of asymptotic and numerical methods to study fluid flow problems in microfluidic devices and blood flow.
Benjamin Chu
Entered program in 2016
I study optimization and statistical methods for human genetics. Some relevant areas include high dimensional statistics, GLMs, MM algorithms, and parallel computing.
Christine Craib
Entered program in 2019
I am specifically interested in the application of mathematics to human and medical problems. My background is in mathematics, with research on gonorrhea and population dynamics.
Mauricio Cruz Loya
Entered program in 2015
I study the way that multiple antibiotics interact with each other and with different stressors such as temperature from a theoretical and computational perspective under the supervision of Van Savage. I particularly enjoy collaborating with experimental biologists: some current projects include modeling of resistant cancer cells under different combinations of drugs, and modeling quiescent bacterial cells. My interests span microbial ecology, systems biology, cell biology, mathematical modeling, network theory, and applied statistics.