Jeffrey Chiang

Jeffrey  Chiang Ph.D.

Asst Adjunct Professor
  • Faculty

Dr. Jeff Chiang is interested in translating recent advances in big data and artificial intelligence to active clinical research, and his work addresses the computational challenges which arise when doing so. He works closely with clinical departments to identify risk factors and develop predictive models for negative outcomes such as age-related macular degeneration. On the way, Chiang and his team develop techniques which overcome limited data availability, combine and leverage health information from disparate sources, and are as free from bias as possible.

Dr. Chiang also leads the Computational Medicine Technology Core, which is involved in building the technical infrastructure for these computational models to be deployed in the clinic. Chiang obtained his B.S., M.A., and PhD in psychology (cognitive science) at UCLA. He then held research positions in industry and the Department of Computational Medicine prior to joining its faculty.

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