Eran Halperin

Eran  Halperin Ph.D.

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“When I was exposed through personal experience to the limitations of quantitative decision-making in medicine, I decided to switch fields and work on computational and statistical methods that can make a difference in the way we apply medicine.” 

Dr. Eran Halperin started his career in computer science developing algorithms for different applications before switching to computational medicine, applying his methods to diagnosis and treatment that is based on a large number of clinical variables. As a computational biologist, Dr. Halperin develops statistical and computational methods for the analysis of genomic and medical data (i.e., electronic health records) in the context of human diseases. His research focuses on the development of predictive models for clinical outcomes based on the available medical records and his group has developed methods and software that have been used by hundreds of researchers worldwide to understand the genetic causes of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and breast cancer. Dr. Halperin earned his PhD in computer science from Tel Aviv University. He has received various honors for his academic achievements, including a Rothschild Fellowship, the Technion-Juludan Research Prize, and the Krill Prize in Science.​
Halperin's Lab

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