Harold Pimentel

Harold  Pimentel Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
  • Faculty

Harold wants to understand the link between genes, RNA, and disease. Scientists know that psychiatric and autoimmune diseases, for example, have complicated genetic roots. But teasing out a role for RNA has been difficult. Harold is interested in how people’s genetic variation affects RNA splicing and how splicing relates to changing gene regulatory networks. He’s developing computational frameworks to design and analyze CRISPR-based experiments as well as large genetic data sets from patients. The underlying goal is to link these two data types to understand which genes depend on each other so that future treatments can fix broken dependencies.

Harold obtained his B.S. in computer science from California State University, Fullerton, his M.A. in statistics and Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley. He completed postdoctoral training in genetics at Stanford. He holds appointments in the departments of Computational Medicine and Human Genetics.

Pimentel's Lab

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