Translational Polygenics for Health Equity | TransPHer

Translational Polygenics for Health Equity

The Program for Translational Polygenics for Health Equity (TransPHEr), a joint venture of the Departments of Pathology & Lab Medicine, Computational Medicine, and the Institute for Precision Health have started, aims to develop, implement, and validate genomic predictors for common diseases using UCLA Health data. Drs. Pasaniuc and Olde Loohuis serve as director/associate director for TransPHEr which will involve approximately twelve data scientists, clinicians and statistical geneticists.

The program offers resources to enable translational genomic projects using UCLA Health data. TransPHEr supports two data scientists and a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster (1Peta-bite of data) and >100 cores in a secure cloud platform, with access to >1,000 cores as needed for any individual project. TransPHEr_HPC is jointly maintained by the UCLA Office of Health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA) and data scientist with TransPHEr. TransPHEr_HPC provides a secure connection to access various UCLA Health data sets including the DDR, ATLAS, other EHR constructs as well as external data sets (e.g., 1000 Genomes, functional annotations for clinical variant interpretation).

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