Dissertation Year Award

The Dissertation Year Award is intended to support doctoral students who are within one year of completing and filing their dissertation. This is the first time the Department of Computational Medicine has received two Dissertation Year Awards! The department is very proud of both Mariana and Xiangting and we look forward to the great work they will do during the upcoming academic year.

Jun 07, 2024
Biomath PHD students 2024

This fall, the Department of Computational Medicine at UCLA welcomes nine new students to its Biomathematics Ph.D. program. The incoming students have a diverse backgrounds in mathematics and biology, and they aspire to integrate different disciplines in their research. 

Vivek Agarwal

May 21, 2024
Biomath Fisher

Recent Biomathematics Ph.D. graduate Alexander Fisher (now an Assistant Professor at Duke) has received the Publisher's Award for Excellence in Systematic Research from The Society of Systematic Biologists. The award is presented to the two best papers based on student research published in Systematic Biology during the previous year.

Jun 27, 2023
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