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This year at the American Society of Human Genetics, UCLA's department of computational medicine hosted a reunion for all alumni of the Computational Genomics Summer Institute (CGSI) in October 2019. Some of the lab members of the Computational Medicine Department presented their posters and ASHG has honored their outstanding achievements in the field through its annual awards.

These awards recognize individuals with a diverse background of experience, ideas, and perspectives for a variety of activities, including carrying out substantial research and far-reaching scientific contributions to the field, expanding human genetics education, promoting the science of human genetics and its application for the common good, and mentoring efforts to cultivate the next generation of professionals in human genetics.

Reviewers' Choice Award
Poster session in Evolution and Population Genetics by Chris Robles | 2019 Trainee Leader
Evolutionary modeling of the differential contribution of Neanderthal ancestry to complex traits provides insights into selective forces that shape trait variation. C.R. Robles, S. Sankararaman.

Post-doctoral semifinalist for ASHG/Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards for Excellence in Human Genetics Research
Poster session in Complex Traits and Polygenic Disorders by Bruna Balliu 
An integrated approach to identify genetic and environmental mediators of insulin resistance.
 B. Balliu; I. Carcamo-Orive; M. Gloudemans; M. Durrant; A. Rao; D.A. Knowles; C. Park; J.W. Knowles; E. Ingelsson; S.B. Montgomery; T. Quertermous

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