Computational Medicine faculty and trainees are presenting their research as platform presentations at the American Society of Human Genetics 2022 annual meeting:

Kodi Taraszka et al. A comprehensive analysis of clinical and polygenic germline influences on somatic mutational burden with implications for survival, Wed Oct 26, 2.00 pm.

Yi Ding et al. Polygenic score performance varies across the continuum of genetic ancestry in all human populations, Wed Oct 26, 5.35 pm.

Kangcheng Hou et al: Causal effects on complex traits are similar across local ancestries within admixed individuals. Thu Oct 27, 11.30 am.

Arjun Bhattacharya et al: Isoform-level transcriptome-wide association studies uncover novel mechanisms underlying genetic associations with neuropsychiatric disorders. Thu Oct 27, 1.45 pm.

Ruthie Johnson et al: Leveraging genomic diversity for discovery in an EHR-linked biobank: The UCLA ATLAS Community Health Initiative, Thu Oct 27, 2.15 pm.

Vidhya Venkateswaran et al: Polygenic risk scores for tobacco use provide insights into disease associations in a diverse EHR-linked biobank. Thu Oct 27, 2.30 pm.

Christa Caggiano et al: Advancing fine-scale population health monitoring systems in a Los Angeles biobank. Fri Oct 28, 2.00pm

Bruna Balliu et al: Enabling PheWAS for psychiatric disorders through deep phenotyping of behavior from smartphones sensors. Fri Oct 28. 4.15 pm

Ha Vu et al: A framework for summarizing chromatin state annotations within and identifying differential annotations across groups of samples. Sat Oct 29 9.00 am

In addition, come see amazing research in poster presentations from many trainees in our program. Link to the full program:

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