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GU Seminar Series for Prostate Cancer

Role of Germline Genetics in Prostate Cancer Risk
Bogdan Pasaniuc, PhD

Tuesday | January 26 | 2021

12pm to 1 pm

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Dr. Pasaniuc is an associate professor of Computational Medicine, Human Genetics, and Pathology Lab Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Pasaniuc's group develops statistical and computational methods to understand the genetic basis of disease, focusing on under-represented populations, integrative genomics, and biobank studies. Dr. Pasaniuc developed machine learning methods to integrate epigenetic profiles within trans-ethnic studies to localize genetic variants that cause disease; more recently, Dr. Pasaniuc introduced algorithms to predict gene expression levels as a principled approach to identify disease genes for many traits such as Schizophrenia, Ovarian Cancer and Prostate Cancer. Dr. Pasaniuc is actively involved in the Institute of Precision Health at UCLA that links the genetics of more than 150k patients with their electronic health record to predict health outcomes, to stratify patients based on their genetic risk to disease, and to translate computational algorithms to the clinic.


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