Computational Medicine welcomes its continuing students, postdocs and faculty back to campus for the fall quarter! We also extend a special welcome to Siqi Fang, the newest addition to the biomathematics PhD program. 

Additionally, please join us in offering heartfelt congratulations to the biomath students who successfully finished their degree requirements earlier this year:

Alex Fisher, Ph.D.
Advisor: Marc Suchard
Dissertation: Scalable Inference in Bayesian Phylogenetics

Alex is now an Assistant Professor at Duke University in Statistical Science.

Alfonso Landeros, Ph.D.
Advisor: Kenneth Lange
Dissertation: Contributions to Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modelling: Stochastic Simulation, Constrained Optimization, and Infectious Disease

Alfonso will continue working with Kenneth Lange as a postdoctoral researcher.

Benjamin Chu, Ph.D.
Advisor: Kenneth Lange and Janet Sinsheimer
Dissertation: Scalable Algorithms for Genetic Association Studies, Genotype Imputation, and Ancestry Inference

Ben is now a postdoc at Stanford University.

Vicky Kelley, M.S.
Advisor: Eric Sobel

Vicky intends to pursue a career as a data scientist.

The goal of the Biomathematics Ph.D. program is to train creative, fully independent investigators in mathematical, theoretical, and computational biology who can initiate research in both applied mathematics and their chosen biomedical specialty. It opens doors to researchers specializing in complex diseases, patient’s treatment response, predictive genetic data analysis, biomedical models, and many other areas.


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